He’s from Blyth … etc, Newcastle United fans do love Dan Burn but he may be in the bad books right now after foul language on the training pitch today.

The Newcastle team managed to get in a cheeky training session this morning before jetting off to Milan for the Champions League opener tomorrow night.

It was a special day for the lads as they got to train with the official Champions League ball for the first time.

Dan Burn has made a few Geordie’s spit their tea out today

The Chronicle posted a four minute clip of the lads in training where you got to see their little faces light up like kids at Christmas when they saw the official ball for the first time.

It was all very sweet until Dan Burn spoke and sent the Newcastle faithful into fits of rage.

Retail Sales In London
Photo by David Cliff/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Picking up one of the balls Burn said “I normally have to buy these from Sports Direct”.

No, Daniel, no. We do not say those words around the training ground, thank you very much. Those days are behind us now, and you should know better, young man!

Obviously several fans picked up on what he said and have posted their takes on social media reminding Mr Burn to think before he speaks and of course to switch up his shopping habits.

Burn can make this all go away by scoring a screamer tomorrow

After 14 years of the club being used as nothing more than an advertising vehicle for Mike Ashley‘s S***** D***** stores, the who chain is now thought of as persona non grata around Newcastle.

Photo by GEOFF CADDICK/AFP via Getty Images

While the stores still exist in the region, many Newcastle fans still won’t cross the threshold of one of his shops.

Thankfully, Dan Burn is so darn loveable that this will all be long forgotten by the time Newcastle kick-off against AC Milan tomorrow, and should Burn score a screamer at the San Siro it will never be mentioned again.

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