Bruno Guimaraes has shared what he was told by those around him when he revealed he was going to sign for Newcastle United.

In January 2022 Newcastle United signed a Brazilian talent from French club Olympic Lyonnaise who would come to Tyneside and, along with fellow new signings Kieran Trippier and Dan Burn – and I suppose, Chris Wood – would help transform Newcastle from doomed to feared over the space of a couple of months.

Bruno Guimaraes looked set to be joining Arsenal, and nobody would have blamed him. Arsenal weren’t doing great by any means, but they weren’t 19th in the table stuck on five points and everybody’s favourites to be relegated. However, Bruno saw something in Newcastle that he loved and like Trippier, signed up despite the precarious league position.

Bruno had his sights set on Champions League when he arrived

Guimaraes arrived and started talking about Champions League football. A crazy idea when Newcastle were certainly playing in the Championship next season.

Now, speaking to inews, Bruno has shared what those close to him said when he chose Newcastle: “I am ambitious. This is something I have been since I remember. [I] have ambition and challenge myself,” he said.

Newcastle United v Leicester City - Premier League
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“When I signed people say ‘You are crazy to sign for a team who could play in the Championship next season’. But here we are and we have Champions League one year after.”

The 25-year-old is now a fan-favourite on Tyneside for his performances on the pitch, but just as importantly, for the way he carries himself off the pitch. Always smiling, always willing to engage with the fans and forever praising the club and the city.

Next season will present a whole new challenge for the club

Next season will be very difficult, with the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea unlikely to be as off-the-pace as they were this season, there will be more competition at the top of the table, and when you factor in that Newcastle will have European football to contend with too, the difficulty spikes dramatically.

Bruno is very aware of this and he is ready.

“I think the challenge will be bigger than next year,” Guimaraes said.

“I think the team has to have a goal for Champions League, not to go now and then not for ten years. We have to get used to being there.

“Like in the Carabao Cup final, we have to get used to going there. I think this is the ambition – fight for titles. The club deserves titles. Because of that I am here.”

Bruno believes, now we must believe. That pessimistic hangover from the Mike Ashley era is starting to lift and Newcastle is a city starting to believe again.

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