Bruno Guimaraes has shared Newcastle United's goals for this season
Bruno Guimaraes has shared Newcastle's goals for this season
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Bruno Guimaraes has shared Newcastle's goals for this season

Newcastle’s Brazilian superstar Bruno Guimaraes linked up with the Newcastle United Foundation to treat the Down Syndrome team to a five-a-side kick about for World Down Syndrome Day.

Bruno Guimaraes spoke to Sky Sports‘ Keith Downie at the event and looked absolutely over the moon to be part of the day, telling Downie through his trademark smile: “I am wearing two bibs. Everyone wants Bruno in the middle.”

It’s just another sign of how much Bruno is loving life on Tyneside. He lives for the fans and just wants to make everyone happy. It’s impossible to not love the man.

Bruno spoke about the the goal for the club this season

The conversation soon turned to Newcastle’s exploits on the pitch, following the win on Friday at Nottingham Forest, Bruno has now shared what the goals for the club are this season, saying: “We are still fighting for the Champions League. It was our goal for the season, we can not hide it. It’s our desire to be in the Champions League, it’s my personal desire to be there.

“We keep fighting, there’s still 14 games to go.”

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Eddie Howe was very careful at the start of the season to downplay the internal goals for his team following the amazing run we went on at the back-end of last season. Now it seems that the goal was always to qualify for the Champions League.

Of course there’s scope here for something getting lost in translation and the goal for Champions League may have come mid-way through the season when it started to look like a possibility.

We don’t demand a team that wins…

Whenever the goal was actually set, it’s fantastic to see the club going for it. The fans’ mantra for a long time was “We don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a club that tries” and we finally have it.

With stars like Bruno Guimaraes in the team we’re better placed than ever to grab that Champions League dream, but it wouldn’t be a huge disaster if we did miss out. It’s the first full season of the PIF project and nobody expected us to be where we are now.

This summer Newcastle are expected to have a big squad overhaul and if we can bring more players in that are on a similar level to Bruno then Champions League qualification next season absolutely has to be the goal. Let’s add a cheeky cup win to that too, we almost did it this season so why not?

We’ve got Bruno in the middle, anything is possible.