The latest buzzword at Newcastle United is boycott.

Mike Ashley’s ownership of the club is continuing to enrage supporters, as talk of a takeover fails to materialise.

The supporters club known as the Magpie Group have started to take action, organising multiple protests against the Sports Direct owner.

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While many have supported the group, the plans for the game against Wolves have caused a stir.

To boycott or not to boycott

Throughout the winter months, the Magpie Group have various different protests lined up.

Against West Ham, fans are encouraged not to enter the ground until the 11th minute, symbolising the 11 years of Ashley’s ownership.

The Wolves game on December 9th has caused the controversy though. With the game airing on Sky Sports, the plan is to boycott the game at St James’ Park.

The word boycott is one that is often banded about at Newcastle, and it always causes confrontation.

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Some believe that everyone should take a stand, and do what they can to force Ashley to sell the club. Others believe that they’ve already paid for their ticket, so why would they not turn up and support the team.

The fact remains that it is your choice. If you don’t boycott, then that does not mean you are just accepting Ashley’s ownership.

Whatever you do, do what you think is right.

Those people bemoaning those who don’t want to boycott are completely in the wrong. Your loyalty should never be brought into question.

The Magpie Group are doing what they think is right, and have given people a platform to take part. But they are not forcing anything.

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As they say on their website: “For those that choose not to partake in any of the events organised, we fully respect that decision and accept that a consensus will never be possible.

“It’s a personal choice. There is no reason for any animosity on the stands, on the streets or on social media.

“Those fans that join protests and those that don’t, the team and the manager are Newcastle United.”

We must stay united. A divided fan-base helps no one.

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