The Premier League season is over and Newcastle United signed off with a 1-1 draw against Chelsea down at Stamford Bridge.

The result today barely mattered with Newcastle only able to gain one extra place in the league if everything went their way, so the Toon Army were in London to just enjoy the day. The sun was shining, the fans were singing, it was a great day out.

So much so, that Peter Smith of Sky Sports was blown away by the Newcastle fans, saying: “It’s almost 25 minutes since the full-time whistle blew and still the Newcastle fans are in the stands singing loud and proud about their side. What a season they’ve had!”

‘I thought another goal had been scored’ – Paul Gilmour on Sky Sports News

Paul Gilmour on Sky Sports News also praised the Newcastle fans saying: “A roar so loud I thought another goal had been scored! It was just Eddie Howe fist pumping the Newcastle fans. The players then push Jason Tindall forward. He leaps into the air with a fist pump and it’s an equally loud cheer. Lovely scenes.”

Even if Newcastle had been hammered by Chelsea, the fans would have reacted the same as they did today. It wasn’t about celebrating today’s game, it was about celebrating and appreciating everything the lads have done this season.

Chelsea FC v Newcastle United - Premier League
Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Newcastle have achieved so much in such a short space of time

Finishing fourth in the Premier League, qualifying for the Champions League and playing in a major cup final are all absolutely mind-blowing achievements for the first full season under PIF and Eddie Howe.

The party will no doubt continue in the Capital and I’m sure there’s just as much of a party atmosphere on the streets of Newcastle tonight too.

What a season. I can’t believe it’s over and now we have three months of floating around feeling lost until we go again.

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