Ex-referee rules over Cristiano Ronaldo's disallowed goal v Newcastle
Dermot Gallagher rules over Cristiano Ronaldo's disallowed goal v Newcastle
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Dermot Gallagher rules over Cristiano Ronaldo's disallowed goal v Newcastle

Cristiano Ronaldo had a goal disallowed against Newcastle United, much to the fury of Manchester United players and fans.

After having one chalked off for offside, Ronaldo had the ball in the back of the net again early in the second half, but under very strange circumstances.

Newcastle had a free kick deep in their own half following an offside call by the linesman. Referee Craig Pawson held his arm aloft as he waited for Nick Pope to take the kick.

However, Man United’s number seven decided to pinch the ball and pop it in the net himself. Then he and his Man United teammates all surrounded the referee, shouting and pointing like a bunch of children.

They claimed that the free kick had already been taken by Fabian Schar, even though it clearly hadn’t. He delicately rolled the back back a yard to Pope, who was taking the kick. At no point did Pawson signal that the kick had been taken, meaning he was always going to rule out the goal.

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It left the Man United players furious, and provoked a ridiculous reaction from Erik ten Hag’s side. Now ex-referee Dermot Gallagher has given his view on the situation.

Gallagher explains why Ronaldo’s goal was correctly disallowed

Former Premier League referee Gallagher appeared on Sky Sports on Monday. He explained why Craig Pawson was right to rule out Ronaldo’s second half goal.

“If you watch, he [Ronaldo] doesn’t go to the ball straight away,” he said.

“He takes an eternity to go. And everybody’s in shock. Everybody thinks that’s still going to be a free kick.

“I think you have more argument if it’s given. I think everyone accepts that’s a free kick to the goalkeeper. Referee is waiting for that to be taken. Be sensible.”

Embarrassing reaction from Manchester United

Everything about the situation was farcical. The fact Ronaldo decided to take matters into his own hands and score a clearly illegitimate goal was ridiculous.

Then you had the reaction from the Manchester United players. They all surrounded the referee. It was disgraceful, and they were lucky not to be booked.

In the end, Ronaldo did receive a yellow card for his antics, and he shouldn’t have been the only one.

The way Ten Hag’s players tried to bully and intimidate Pawson was disgusting. It reeked of arrogance from a club that is a shadow of its former self.

There were a few questionable decisions at Old Trafford, but this wasn’t one of them. A couple of penalty shouts were strangely ignored at both ends of the pitch, but at least the referee was consistent with his inability to give spotkicks.

The incident involving Callum Wilson was a stonewall penalty. That is the one decision that changed the game, as it would have allowed Newcastle to go 1-0 up during a first half that they dominated.

Then you had the penalty shout involving Jadon Sancho and Sean Longstaff. That should have been a penalty too, even if the Man United winger did make the most of it. But after not giving the Wilson one, they couldn’t give that one either.

But Manchester United weren’t robbed by the officials on Sunday. They were simply held by a team that is closing the gap on them each and every day.